Tips for handpiece care & maintenance

Dureka want to help you get the best performance and longevity from your Dureka handpieces. In order to so we have compiled this blog, which if followed will help.

Dental handpieces are delicate instruments and fail prematurely if not properly maintained. The majority of handpiece failures are due to poor maintenance & care, because of limited knowledge in this area.

The following tips will help you get longer service from your Dureka handpieces.


1. External Cleaning

Clean the outer casing of handpiece with a soft to medium bristle brush and alcohol or warm water.

Do Not submerge handpiece in water or any type of chemical.

Do Not place in ultrasonic cleaner.

2. Thermal Washer Disinfector

If using a washer disinfector, when washer cycle is complete always remove handpiece, never leave handpiece in a washer e.g. overnight.

 3. Lubricate & Clean Internally

Using a good quality service oil & the correct adaptor, insert into handpiece and spray for approx 2 seconds until oil comes from the head. You cannot over oil your handpieces.

The spindle/chuck of handpieces should be lubricated once a day with the pointed lubricant adaptor.

 4. Expel Debris and Excess Lubricant

Insert bur and connect handpiece to tubing. Run handpieces for 10-20 seconds after oiling and before sterilizing to expel debris and excess lubricant. This will also help keep the handpieces clean internally.

 5. Sterilize

Remove bur from handpiece, wipe down exterior & insert into pouch/bag. Sterilize handpiece as per manufacturers instructions. Always allow handpiece to go through the dry cycle on your sterilizer (if there is a dry cycle on it). Remove handpiece from autoclave when process is completed. Never leave handpiece in autoclave.

6. Let Cool & Dry

Upon completion of the sterilization process remove handpiece from autoclave as soon as possible. Store with head upright until cool and dry internally. Never use a handpiece before it has cooled down and always allow it to cool naturally. Do not cool handpieces under a running tap or in cold water.

 7. Check Air Supply

Check the air pressure going to your handpieces. The pressure should not exceed 2.8bar/40psi. If the pressure is too high this will cause premature bearing failure. Check that the air supply is clean and dry.

Have your service engineer check your compressor and air/water filters in the dental unit on a regular basis.

Always Clean, Lubricate & sterilize your handpieces after every patient.

Following these tips, correct care and maintenance will avoid premature handpiece failure. We also wrote a guide to help choosing the right dental handpiece, if you’re interested!



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