1. Who is Dureka Dental?

Dureka Dental Ltd is a fully accredited dental handpiece manufacturing company in Ireland. We provide quality service and support to our customers and dealers. Our handpieces are CE approved and meet the required relevant ISO standards. For more info go to About us.

2. Are Dureka products certified?

All Dureka products are CE approved and meet the required relevant ISO standards. Areas of design and production are carried out in Germany, and the management team are located in Ireland.

3. What is the warranty with Dureka products?

Dureka handpieces have a 3 year warranty and 5 year capped price servicing.

4. How do I place an order?

Find your closest dealer. Have a look for a dealer near you here.

5. What is a Dureka Dealer?

Be a part of an exclusive dealership opportunity for Dureka products. See how to become an exclusive dealer here.

6. How do I become a Dureka Dealer?

Go to become an exclusive dealer and fill out the necessary details.

7. Where can I access product instruction manuals?

To view product instruction manuals go to resources.

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Dureka Dental management team and design engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in the dental handpiece industry.

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